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State Conservation Program Dashboard

Farms Under Threat is American Farmland Trust’s (AFT) multi-year initiative to document the status of and threats to U.S. farmland and ranchland while identifying policy solutions that ensure the protection and conservation of America’s diverse agricultural landscape.

AFT examined state programs that encourage on-farm conservation, focusing on programs that expand the implementation of practices that improve soil health to ensure available agricultural land remains productive and resilient in the face of a changing climate. The results of this research are published in the State Conservation Program Dashboard. The dashboard is an interactive database meant to help raise awareness about effective approaches, inform state and federal policy action, and spur more agricultural land conservation. This resource is intended to provide a point-in-time snapshot to inform policy discussions.

A summary of findings and downloadable spreadsheets with the data are also available below.

[Picture with clickable link to dashboard page]

Northampton, MA: AFT's Farmland Information Center
Release Date
November 01, 2023
Conservation Policies and Programs

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