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Comprehensive Approaches to Local Farmland Protection

The presentations in this session at American Farmand Trust’s Farmland, Food and Livable Communities Conference discuss some of the most effective local farmland protection efforst in the country. Leaders of three of the nation’s exemplary local programs talk about how they use multiple tools to protect agricultural land and support agriculture.

Session Presenters: Billy Van Pelt, CEO, Woodford Forward, Incorporated, Kentucky (moderator); Janice Hill, Executive Planner, Kane County, Illinois; Don Robinson, Lexington-Fayette Rural Land Management Board; Sandra Romero, County Commissioner, Thurston County, Washington; Cynthia Wilson, Long Range Planning Manager, Thurston County, Washington.

Author / Presenter
Janice Hill, Sandra Romero, Cynthia Wilson
Date published
October 22, 2014
Publisher / Host
American Farmland Trust
Media Type
Illinois, Kentucky, National, Washington

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