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Soil Health Basics

This webinar introduces the meaning and broad benefits of “soil health,” and explores how soil health relates to regenerative agriculture, climate resiliency, and other environmental benefits. Participants also learn the four soil health management systems principles, what conservation practices improve soil health, and what some of the barriers to adoption are that farmers face.

This session is part of American Farmland Trust’s Soil Health Stewards Program, a national effort to engage and support agricultural land protection practitioners in promoting soil health practices with the farmers, ranchers, and others who own and manage permanently protected agricultural land. Launched in 2021, this program provides unique learning opportunities and support for staff of land conservation organizations and public farmland protection programs in different regions across the nation. Access the other trainings via AFT’s Soil Health Stewards Toolkit, linked below.


Author / Presenter
Bianca Moebius-Clune
Date published
September 08, 2021
Publisher / Host
Northampton, MA: American Farmland Trust
Media Type

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