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Conservation Tax Credits: A Landowner’s Guide

The Colorado Conservation Tax Credit is a unique tool by which landowners can preserve their land for generations to come. Take, for instance, the Kehmeier family. Dorothy and Norman Kehmeier’s 300-acre Delta County ranch has been in their family for 110 years. They have always wanted to protect their ranch from development and eventually pass it to their children. The Conservation Tax Credit provided them with the financial opportunity to accomplish this goal.

“We started considering conservation easements, but we couldn’t really afford to make such a huge financial donation. Then Colorado came up with the transferable tax credit system. We recognized it immediately as a way by which we could keep our land and still liquidate some of its value to meet our financial needs as we grow older.”

The Kehmeiers transferred their Credits through the Tax Credit Exchange and used the proceeds to upgrade their farm machinery, buy back original family acreage that had been sold off, and pass along some of the proceeds to their children. After watching Dorothy and Norman’ experience, many of their neighbors have followed suit, protecting hundreds of acres of open land in Delta County.

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