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Soil Health Case Studies

Ten compelling and easy-to-read two-page soil health economic case studies were developed by American Farmland Trust (AFT) with support from a 2018 USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) and a 2020 NRCS Agreement. AFT’s project is called “Accelerating Soil Health Adoption by Quantifying Economic and Environmental Outcomes & Overcoming Barriers on Rented Lands.” The case studies feature almond farmers in California, corn-soybean farmers in Illinois and Ohio, and diversified crop farmers in New York. The latest case study features a “soil health successful” farm family from Pennsylvania that has protected their land with an agricultural conservation easement.

Justin Bodell, Brian Brandt, Emily Bruner, Paul Lum, Michelle Perez, Aaron Ristow, Florence Swartz, Ben Wiercinski, Ellen Yeatman
Washington, DC: American Farmland Trust and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Page Numbers
Publication Date
July 30, 2019
Publication Type
Fact Sheets and Technical Memos
California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania
Climate Change, Conservation Policies and Programs, Environmental Benefits, Soil Health

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