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Outcomes Estimation Tools Training Webinar Series 

American Farmland Trust (AFT) researches tools and methods to help farmers and conservation professionals estimate and report on outcomes associated with farm conservation practice adoption. In 2020, AFT released an Outcomes Estimation Tools Guide to help farm conservation project managers identify user-friendly tools and methods to quantify the water quality, climate, social, and economic outcomes of farm practices.     

American Farmland Trust’s Outcomes Estimation Tools Training Webinar Series (2023-2024) provides farm conservation project managers with information about the different tools that are available.  Each webinar features a developer of an outcomes estimation tool who provides extensive training and guidance in the usage and application of their tool. See the links below to watch previous webinars.

The webinars occur on the first Wednesday of each month starting May 2023 and will run through 2024.  Learn more about the webinar series and see the schedule. 


AFT Outcomes Estimation Tools Webinar Series Launch: Michelle Perez, Aysha Tapp Ross, Jean Brokish, Julie Platz, Kinzie Reiss (American Farmland Trust) 

Model My Watershed Tool Training: David Arscott (Stroud), Anthony Aufdenkampe (Limnotech), and Matt Ehrhart (Stroud) 

Nutrient Tracking Tool Training: Ali Saleh (Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research)

NRCS Cover Crop Economics Tool Training: Bryon Kirwan (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)

FieldPrint Platform Training: Dr. Eric Coronel (Field to Market)

Author / Presenter
American Farmland Trust, Stroud, Limnotech, Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Field to Market
Date published
May 03, 2023
Publisher / Host
Washington, DC: American Farmland Trust
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